A New Baby is Born

They say that you should never do too many things at once, but here at Baby Beautiful Co. we believe in living life to the full and making the most of every single moment. That's why despite many people telling us when we had our second child to stop there....We had a third! Starting a new company during covid....That was a definite no no however, when you love children like we do and obsess about finding the cutest and most comfortable clothing for them to wear, it makes sense to follow your dreams right? Well we are 4 weeks in (after 2-3 months in the 'planning stage') and there is no looking back for sure !! We have a 3 week old baby boy who has been our absolute inspiration along with his 2 older brothers. It is fair to say it has been a busy time and i wanted to share our journey as it has been one amazing learning experience - first big learn you'll need a lot of patience if you want things to be as you want them to be. Every week I intend to keep the story going so as we grow (hopefully) it can help others too. So let's start with week 1 - 'if we are going to setup a business we need a name?'.....What about something like Babyclothes? Hmmm feels very broad and wouldn't even like to think about trying to secure that domain name :) 'What about Baby Clothing Company'....Well it says what we are offering but it just doesn't really get across how passionate we are to find the most lovely, adorable clothes for your beautiful bundle of joy! Ok Let's sleep on it.....Week 3....We should probably just write down all the things that we believe are important, ensure it clearly communicates what we are offering and go from there?? Ok so we want to be known for quality BABY clothing at prices that aren't crazy, it shouldn't be a privilege for you to be able to dress your baby how you want. We want to bring you BEAUTIFUL baby clothing and ensure you get an excited feeling when you open the box for it then to be realised when it's on your baby. Also, this is a COMPANY we aren't someone or something that won't be there tomorrow, who doesn't have a phone number...We are real people who will change things when they aren't right, speak to you on the phone if you need us - a trusted company with strong values; like our family.....Ok so what about BABY BEAUTIFUL COMPANY.......And there our newest Baby was born www.babybeautifulcompany.com

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